Today’s Featured Driver

Randy and Teri Moore:

Design’s only team drivers are also in our million mile club. Living in Abilene Texas this O.T.R. couple likes to spend their off time yes…. traveling for a hobby. With a big dually  pickup truck and a big 5th wheel trailer to go with it they travel in style even on their time off. And if that’s not enough, Randy enjoys spending time with his ’88 Corvette.


Maurice Williams:

Maurice has been with Design since 2008 and is one of our many “million mile” drivers. Maurice lives just east of Dallas and you can always count on him to post a supportive message on our Facebook page. With a favorite hobby of hanging out at the arcade don’t expect Maurice to have any extra quarters in his pocket.



Debora Hodges:

Debora has been an O.T.R. driver with Design for nearly 10 years. She owns her own ranch just west of Fort Worth where she owns several horses. Her hobby is of course riding horses but also instructing people how to ride. She also works with animal rescue.



William Dunlap:

William is fairly new with Design starting last March.
William lives between Austin and Waco, he says he prefers
to be out for 3 weeks +/- at a time then to come home for a
few days. His hobby while at home? “I just like to hang
around the house watching TV”.
We are glad to have you as part of the family William!