Compliance, Did You Know?

I run across many drivers who made a mistake and failed a D.O.T. drug or alcohol test four, five, maybe 10 years ago. They simply got out of the trucking business or found a local job hauling rock or fruit from the fields and figured after three years it just goes away. Sometimes it may be more difficult to be caught after three years but the fact is, failing a drug test disqualifies you as a commercial driver under FMCSA rules. The only way to be qualified again is to go through a S.A.P. program (Substance Abuse Professional) and complete the required follow-up testing the SAP requires. There is no other way and there is no amount of time that makes it go away.
A carrier may not know this rule, may not do due diligence or for some reason hire you anyway but the fact is, if you are involved in a major accident you can bet the plaintiff’s attorney will find out.
Bite the bullet, if you have failed a drug or alcohol test and want to continue as a professional driver, go through the SAP program and become re-qualified.