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Design Transportation, the company and its drivers. To some, safety is “catch phrase”, to us, it’s a way of life.


We truly appreciates our drivers.

At Design Transportation, safety is not a just a fancy word thrown around to impress your insurance rep, it is a way of life. Design Transportation serves the needs of the public by professionally transporting non hazmat, dry freight goods across forty-eight states. Our priorities will always center around the safety of our drivers and the motoring public. From the time a prospective driver first applies to the day they decide to retire, we will always make safety our number one priority. This along with having late model equipment and the best fleet managers in the industry are just some of the ways we show our appreciation to our drivers. Every day our drivers go out there and do their job and do it safely, they have made the world a better place to live.

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Design Transportation: A proud member of “Women in Trucking”


Design Transportation is a proud member of “Women in Trucking”. Some of our best drivers are women drivers! Although women make up a smaller percentage of the industry, they certainly do their share.  What other profession do you know of that truly gives equal pay for equal work?

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